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You’ve read the reviews on all the web sites… From Haleakala to Road to Hana, if you want to take full advantage of everything Maui has to offer, you need to rent a car.  With so many things to do most hours of the day and being on such a large island, being able to drive while in Maui will help you get the most out of your Hawaiian vacation. 

With discount rates starting at just $19 per day, we help you find the cheapest car rentals in Maui. Simply enter your dates in the form above and hit the button while our free service scans the web for the sign best discounts.  In some instances, we have seen rates for higher-end vehicles that are cheaper prices than a typical economy deal (even for Kahului airport pick up locations), so it’s best to compare from multiple partners using our advanced tool.  Sign up and give it a try now to find the best prices!

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Tips When Renting a Car While Visiting The Island of Maui, Hawaii

When you step off the plane in Hawaii after flying 5+ hours, the last thing you want to do is stand in line and wait for your rental car after all that travel.  Luckily, the local car pick-up process in Maui is quite simple (just follow the sign), but there is no way to determine or choose which car rental agency is going to have the shortest check in line until you enter the pick up area.

We recommend searching for the rental vehicle you want to book and allocating yourself a little bit of extra time, just in case the lines are long when you arrive at the Kahului Airport car rental pick-up location.  We have found that people arriving at the airport between 10am and 2pm tend to see the longest lines to pick-up cars, so keep that in mind when making plans for your arrival and check in.

Another tip when renting a car in Maui is to sign up for the loyalty program of the company you will be renting from before leaving for your trip.  Sometimes, even just joining the program can get you special travel offers when you book like dedicated check-in lines or even “skip the line” benefits where you can go straight to the parking lot and pick from a selection of cars.

A final suggestion if you are traveling with family, friends, or children is to have one adult wait for baggage with a sign while another adult goes to the rental car desk location.  This way, if the baggage service has a delay or takes a while to come out, you just wave the sign and the other person will have the rental car ready to swing through arrivals and collect you and your belongings (and your sign).

The main thing to keep in mind is that you have just arrived in paradise and stress is the last thing you want in this location, just keep it business as usual.  The check-in process might be quick or it might take a little bit of time but when you read the reviews and rent from, you know you got the best deal for your Maui rental car!  You may be better off picking up a menu and grabbing a quick bite to let the rush die down.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Most car rental agencies require that you are at least 25 years old at check in to rent a car.  While there are some that will allow booking at a younger age with increased rates, this requirement is in place due to the cost of liability insurance to the business.  By not allowing car rentals to additional drivers under the age of 25, their insurance premiums are much less expensive.e

As is the case with any US state, you are required to be insured when driving any car or vehicle.  However, if you have car insurance for your primary vehicle, then you may already be covered for your rental car.  Just call the customer service phone number for your car insurance company while booking or at the airport, and they will be able to tell you if you need to buy the rental car insurance.

Yes, you can rent a car for a month or more using the search functionality here at to check rates.  Often times, when you are planning to rent a car for an extended period of time, whether a month or a week, you can get additional deals if you search in the right place.  Other times, it might make sense to sign up for four separate one week rentals, depending on the price difference.  To save even more, you might want to choose locations away from Kahului airport.

All of the car rental companies in Maui tend to be pretty good and offer solid service with a local smile so it is hard to say which one is better than another.  All of the cars will be very similar (assuming the same class), so you are really going to be shopping based on price and trust or location (like the airport).  By sticking with a major car rental search website, you can be sure you are renting from the best car rental company.

While not a large island, Maui has hundreds of miles of roads that you and your family can explore.  Our favorite drive in Maui is the “Road to Hana”.  This all-day trek will absolutely blow your socks off and is one of the most beautiful drives in Hawaii and a view that is out of this world.  Be sure your car rental agency allows you to travel to this side of the island before renting a car in Maui!  You can inquire about this more with your company’s Kahului airport location.

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