The Insiders Guide to Hamoa Beach in Maui

Hamoa Beach, a hidden gem, is ranked among the most beautiful beaches on Hana in Maui. It is an immaculate crescent-shaped beach with lush vegetation on both sides. The sand has a salt and pepper look (black and white) but is silky soft and inviting enough to dig your toes in. 

The hypnotic murmuring of the crystal blue ocean waves and soft sand will turn your beach day from outstanding to exceptional. 

Hamoa Beach’s beauty and drama are enhanced further by its location inside a breached volcanic crater.

Key Features:

  • Location: Hana, East Maui.
  • Lifeguard on Duty: None.
  • Beach Length: (Approx) 1000 feet.
  • Beach Width: (approx) 100 feet.
  • Facilities: Public restrooms, shower, picnic facilities, playground
  • Activities: Body surfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling, swimming.
  • Parking: Undesignated parking available.
  • Camping: Allowed.
  • Danger: Unsafe to leave valuables in the car; Steep beach access.

For a long-due vacation, Hamoa Beach, Maui, may just be your best bet yet. This article will prepare you for the trip, tell you how best to do so, and what to expect.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Can You Do at Hamoa Beach?

The best time to visit Maui is in the Spring or Fall, i.e., April, May, September, and October. These months offer excellent beach weather.

Hamoa Beach is not protected by offshore reefs, so crashing waves and possible riptides are common. 

However, in the mornings, the waves usually calm down quite a bit, allowing for good swimming, body surfing, boogie boarding, and snorkeling.

Although Hamoa Beach is renowned for surfing, it’s not recommended for novice surfers. Snorkeling is better done on the left side of the cove, but be aware of the powerful currents, especially toward the end of the beach, where it is exposed to the open ocean. 

The winter months bring bigger swells and more tumultuous underwater currents. With no lifeguards nearby to warn of danger, it’s essential to assess the conditions constantly before diving in.

While many of the nearby Travaasa Hotel’s on-site amenities are for hotel guests only, the management allows access to the paved path to the beach, outdoor showers, and public restrooms. There’s also a public stand that sells snacks and drinks.

Is Hamoa Beach Family-Friendly?

Although the currents can be intense at certain times of the year, Hamoa Beach is very popular with families. The destination is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii because of the scenic views of Alau island, picnic facilities, public bathrooms and showers, and the kids’ playground. 

All these amenities are appealing to couples with young and older kids alike.

Where Is Hamoa Beach?

Hamoa Beach is situated two miles past Hana Town on the way to Kipahulu, 7½ miles past Haleakala National Park. Heading north on the road to Hana, there’s a relatively small white sign to Hamoa Beach (and, beyond it, Koki Beach). Turn right onto Haneo’o Road toward the ocean.

In less than half a mile, you’ll see a low rock wall on your right where there are cars parked along the left side of Haneo’o Road. 

Although Hamoa Beach is enclosed by rugged cliffs, it has two public access points: stairs leading down from the hotel shuttle drop-off and a small service road at the other end. 


How Do You Get to Hamoa Beach?

While the road to Hamoa Beach offers many beautiful scenes, it’s quite a challenging drive. 

To get there, you must take the treacherous Hana Hwy – 360, to the east side of Maui, with drop-offs of over 1,000 feet and sporadic guardrails—this can be an adventure in itself! Taking it slow on this road is the safest bet.

There are 620 twists, 59 bridges, and several single-lane portions on Highway 360 alone! Furthermore, it is difficult to locate some of the scenic viewpoints from which to take in the scenery.

Maui Tours

A guided Maui tour lets you sit back and enjoy the scenery. The tour guides know where to go and provide a wealth of information about the place and its history.

Parking at Hamoa Beach 

There is no official parking available. A parallel street parking arrangement is limited to seven or eight cars, and the road is narrow. 

Ensure you look for any street signs nearby that dictate where you can park. The path down to the beach is very steep, often limiting some people from accessing the beauty in person. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s Go To Hamoa!

When you’re on the Hana side of Hawaii, Hamoa Beach should be at the top of your list! If not to enjoy the scenic views of the sea cliffs, lush vegetation, and silky sand, then for the fun activities, i.e., body surfing, swimming, boogie boarding, etc.

However, before booking, it’s advisable to confirm your dates and remember the winter months bring in swells. Hawaii web group is an essential resource for up-to-date information. 

If you want to capture precious family memories in style, consult Natalie Brown Photography, a popular brand in Maui. 

Before you start your trip to Hana Town, ensure you get the GPS coordinates right, so you don’t wind up at the wrong place. Watch out for Mile Marker 34, and you’ll be well on your way to Hamoa Beach—Mile Marker 51. Enjoy your vacation!