The Insiders Guide to Polo Beach

Polo Beach Maui is a serene, family-friendly beach in the Wailea resort area of South Maui. It is the perfect beach in Maui to soak up that iconic Hawaii sun, cool ocean water, and all-around beach fun.

At Polo Beach in Wailea, you’ll enjoy a slice of paradise carved right out of the Wailea Beach area. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Top Attractions at Polo Beach in Wailea, Maui

Where Is Polo Beach?

Polo Beach is a lovely crescent-shaped beach in the Wailea area, South Maui. This fantastic beach fronts the Fairmont Kea Lani Resort, one of the crowning gems of the Wailea resort area. 

If you seek sunshine and a good time, then this beach is just the place for you. The beach is surrounded by the nearby attractions of Kahoolawe Island and the Molokini crater, which you can see directly from the beach.

Molokini Crater - Just Offshore From Polo Beach
Photo via Unsplash by Farid Askerov

What Can You Do at Polo Beach?

Polo Beach offers numerous enjoyable activities. The beach is open from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm. It is one of the best beaches for snorkeling for the whole family and is frequented by avid snorkelers during the day. The beach umbrellas for rent in the hotel are also a big hit!

It’s best to get to the beach early when the ocean waves are calm, and visibility is acceptable. Winds pick up towards the afternoons, making snorkeling impossible but improving conditions if you want to boogie board.

Snorkeling is best at the rocky points near the beach condos on the north side. You can also try the south end of the beach next to Polo Beach Club. On calm days you can see varieties of fish at the small reef in the south and north end. You might even see the iconic Hawaiian green sea turtles.

One thing to watch out for are the serious ocean swells in the summer. These are perfect for boogie boarding and even surfing. When the ocean waves are calm, kids can enjoy paddle boarding.

Polo Beach is frequented by resort guests from the neighboring Kea Lani Hotel. You will find them lounging on picnic tables and beach chairs all along the south end. 

If you are not fond of crowded beaches, Polo Beach offers a picnic and barbecue area, with picnic tables further away from the traffic. Additionally, basic beach amenities like showers and restrooms are available here. 

The Fairmont Kea Lani Hotel is just a stone’s throw away, offering visitors and resort guests great food options.

Hotels Near Polo Beach

The Fairmont Kea Lani Hotel is located just behind the beach and is one of the crowning jewels of Wailea. From this hotel, you can enjoy the fantastic views of a popular neighboring attraction – the Molokini Crater. Alternatively, you can rent a car right in Wailea to explore Haleakala or drive the Road to Hana.

The Polo Beach Club flanks the beach to the south and even shares the parking drive. This destination offers exquisite beachfront accommodation to Maui hotel guests. 

The biggest advantage of staying in either hotel is that you can access the gorgeous sand and go swimming at any time.

Polo Beach Club Hotel - Maui, HI
Image via Flickr by BirdsEyePix

How Do You Get to Polo Beach?

Directions to Polo Beach are more straightforward than other beaches on Maui, Hawaii. The beach access is at the intersection between Wailea Alanui Drive and Kaukahi Street.

Traveling down the Pi’ilani Highway, the main highway on Maui, drive about 10 minutes to where the road turns left towards Wailea. From here, head south past the shops at Wailea, to the last exit, Wailea Ike Drive, and turn right.

If you drive a mile down that road, it turns left and becomes Wailea Alanui drive. Keep going past the driveway to the Fairmont Kea Lani Hotel until the road intersects with Kaukahi Street. At the end of that road, you will find the parking lot, where there is a blue beach access sign. 

The parking lot is vast, so do not worry.

Tips for Visiting Polo Beach

  • There is ample parking space at the parking lot before you get to the beach access path. Remember to carry all your belongings with you. There have been cases where people smash into the car to get belongings left.
  • There is no lifeguard at this beach, so you’ll need to swim cautiously.
  • Polo Beach opens from 7.00 am – 8.00 pm, but optimal conditions for enjoying the beach are really from 9.00 am-4.00 pm.
Swimming at Polo Beach
Image via Flickr by K Tao

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Visit Maui’s Slice of Paradise

A visit to Polo Beach may be the perfect conclusion to your tour of Maui. This place will have you dreaming about coming back for years later. We recommend that you visit Polo Beach and experience for yourself this quiet slice of paradise.