The Insiders Guide to Ulua Beach in Maui

Ulua Beach in Wailea, South Maui, has rightfully earned the title of Wailea’s best worst kept secret, and it’s one of the best beaches to explore on your next vacation to Maui, Hawaii. 

Key Features of Ulua Beach:

  • Location: Wailea, South Maui
  • Lifeguard on Duty: None on this beach
  • Beach Length (Approx.): 1,400 feet or quarter a mile
  • Beach Width (Approx.): 500 feet
  • Facilities: Parking, showers and bathroom
  • Activities: Sport fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving
  • Parking: Shared parking lot with Mokapu Beach
  • Danger: Watch out for tiger sharks (rare)

In this article, we explore Ulua Beach to give you a blow-by-blow walk through the area. In the end, you will want to experience Ulua Beach, Maui, as your next holiday destination. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Where Is Ulua Beach? 

Ulua Beach is a quarter-mile-long stretch of beach in the Wailea resort area in South Maui. It is a family-friendly sand beach with calm ocean waters for swimming and one of the best snorkeling spots in Maui.


From Ulua Beach, you get breathtaking views of the West Maui Mountains. The bright blue ocean waters are flanked by a small grassy hill area and a long walking path that’s perfect for a walk on romantic sunsets. During the day, you’ll likely be in the company of beginner boogie boarders and scuba divers.

What Can You Do at Ulua’s Sandy Beach?

Ulua Beach is ideal for families and singles alike. The sandy beach and blue ocean waters make it a great spot for swimming, especially on calm days, and it is typically crowded with kids.

The beach typically gets more crowded than the nearby attractions on Mokapu Beach and Polo Beach. It is also a great diving spot, and there are a lot of dive instructors along the beach ready to help.

When the surf is up, the beach is a popular boogie boarding spot. The ocean water waves here get a bit high, but you can snorkel or scuba dive on calm days. 

Snorkeling is best at the north end of the beach, near the rocky outcrop. The coral at the ocean bottom attracts numerous colorful fish—you may also spot the famous Hawaiian green sea turtles.

How Do You Get to Ulua Beach?

On the South Kihei Road, head in the south side direction until the road changes to Okolani Drive. From here, turn right onto Wailea Alanui Drive and search for the Ulua Beach access road, which is the fifth on that road.

Ulua Beach is right in front of Wailea Alua village and next to Wailea Fairway estates and Grand Wailea Hotel. It is pretty hard to miss as the road is clearly marked. 

Parking Lot at Ulua Beach

There is parking at Ulua Beach. However, the parking lot fills up early because of its popularity. Look for street signs nearby that dictate where else you can park your rental car

The parking lot is shared with Mokapu Beach, but if the lot is full, you can park at the south end of Keawakapu Beach across Mokapu Beach since the three beaches connect.


Tips for Visiting Ulua Beach

Before you go to Ulua Beach, it is vital to have the information below:

  • There is no lifeguard at Ulua Beach. However, there is one in the neighboring Mokapu Beach and Polo Beach. If you want to swim, it is preferable to do so where the lifeguard can easily see you.
  • Ulua Beach can become dangerous when the weather turns. Always be aware of weather and ocean conditions before you dive in.
  • Tiger sharks and other dangerous sea creatures frequent this beachfront after it rains. Be alert, never turn your back on the ocean, and do not go in after a downpour.

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Let’s Go to Ulua Beach!

When you are on the Wailea side of South Maui, Ulua Beach should be at the top of your must-visit list. If not to enjoy the scenic views of the West Maui Mountains, lush vegetation, and a white sand beach, then for the fun activities for you and your family, i.e., snorkeling, swimming, boogie boarding, and scuba diving.

However, before booking, it is advisable to confirm your travel dates and remember the winter months bring in swells. Hawaii web group is an essential resource for up-to-date information.