The Insiders Guide to Charley Young Beach in Maui

One of the best beaches located on the southern coast of Hawaii island is Charley Young Beach. At Charley Young Beach, you will get the ultimate aloha experience of warm sand at your feet, the murmur of calm waves, palms rustling in the background, and people all around you having fun.

Key Features of Charley Young Beach:

  • Location: Kihei, South Maui
  • Lifeguard on Duty: None on this beach
  • Beach Length (Approx): 1,800 feet / 600 yards
  • Beach Width (Approx): 200 feet
  • Amenities: Shower, portable toilet, picnic tables
  • Activities: Swimming, boogie boarding, sunbathing, snorkeling, and sunset walks
  • Parking: Parking lot available one block away
  • Danger: Underwater rocks at the beach far end, sea urchins, jellyfish

For that overdue vacation by the coast, Charley Young might just be what the doctor recommended. This article gives you a deep dive into Charley Young Beach and a detailed walk-through. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Where Is Charley Young Beach?

Charley Young Beach is a small beach located on Maui’s southwest shore, in Kihei. As a continuation of Kam I, Kam II, and Kam III, it is within walking distance along South Kihei Road, at the northern tip of these Kamaole Beach Parks. 


Charley Young is ideal for short or long walks on the warm beautiful sand, or is perfect for an enjoyable swim. It is slightly under one-third of a mile across from Charlie Young to Kamaole Beach I, an excellent distance to swim across for the keen sea swimmer.

The Story of Charley Young Beach, Maui

Unlike most of its Maui counterparts, this beach’s unorthodox name is contrary to the other beaches’ indigenous Hawaiian naming. This is because Charley Young Beach is named after the Charley Young family that owned property on the space just before the beach since the 1950s.

The family became popular because of their kindness and hospitality towards the beach frequenters who passed by their property. 

While the other property owners next to the beach could not stand the visitors who frequented the beach, Charlie Young would lay out a hose for beachgoers to wash the sand from their feet and greet them too.

What Can You Do at Charley Young Beach?

Charley Young is an excellent spot for boogie boarding, thanks to the south swells of summer seasons. Avid swimmers can also enjoy swimming lengthwise right into Kamaole Beach. On most days, the best time to swim at Young Beach is in the morning before trade winds set in and while the sun is not yet so hot.

Spotting Sea Turtles

At the north end of Charley Young beach, snorkeling is yet another excellent activity when the waters are calm. There is a small reef at this end where sea turtles can be seen swimming along the water’s edge.


Young Beach Charley is lined with ironwood trees that offer shelter from strong winds and excess sun, making sunbathing more viable here than most places in Maui. The shoreline is ideal for long sunset walks and boasts an impressive 600 yards. 


There are amenities for family picnics at the far end of Young Beach for the perfect conclusion to your beach day.


How Do You Get to Charley Young Beach?

This beautiful, small beach is easily accessible since it is located in downtown Kihei, along South Kihei Rd. 

For those driving through Kihei using Pi’ilani Highway, search for Alanui Ke Alii Parkway and turn towards the ocean. At the bottom of the road, you will reach a traffic stoplight, then turn right onto South Kihei Rd and watch out for a side street on the ocean side of the road. 

Turn left into the side street, and you will find the parking lot on your right. The main entrance to Charley Young Beach is located right at the end of Kaiau Place.

Parking at Charley Young Beach

There is a large parking lot available a short walking distance from Charley Young beach. At the end of Kaiau Place, there are three loading zones where you can unload your beach equipment. Here, there is a beach access staircase to get down to Charley Young Beach.

Tips for Visiting Charley Young Beach

  • There are no lifeguards at Young Beach Charley; however, there’s one in the neighboring Kamaole Beaches. If you want to swim, it is preferable to do so where the lifeguard can see you.
  • Like many Maui beaches, Young Charley can get dangerous swells, especially in winter. Always beware of ocean conditions before diving into the ocean.
  • Watch out for sea urchins, jellyfish, and sharks. Be alert always and never turn your back to the ocean. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Visit Charley Young Beach

Whenever you are driving along the South Kihei road area of Maui, we recommend you take a look at Charley Young Beach. It is one of the best beaches on the southern Maui coast and provides numerous activities for visitors.

However, remember, if you want to take a swim or surf, that the winter months bring in large swells. 

Hawaii website groups are an essential resource for up-to-date information on this region.