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Renting a car in Kapalua can be really difficult when you’re trying to find the best company for your needs. With so many options and websites, it is hard enough just looking at one or two sites without having any idea which site has what cars available!

We took on this challenge by creating our own website where customers could go from start-to finish with all of their rental questions answered easily. Now there are no more worries about getting lost because we allow you to compare Kapalua rental car options with ease!

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How to Find the Best Deals on Rental Cars in Kapalua

When you’re looking for the best car rental agency in Kapalua, it’s important that not only do they have a wide selection of vehicles and affordable rates but also give customers what their money deserves. There are so many different companies offering these types services here on Maui – how can one pick out which provider will provide them with top notch customer service? The answer is simple: compare prices from various websites or agencies before making your decision!

Saying that and doing it are two different things, so we have made it very easy for you to find the best deal on your car rental in Kapalua. Simply go to the top of this page and enter the date and time you would like to pick up and drop off your rental and click the search button. Our website will then scour the internet to find you the best price.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Of the national car rental brands, only Avis has a location in Kapalua proper.  However, some of the top brands you may have heard of such as Budget, Dollar, National, Thrifty, Enterprise and Alamo can be found at nearby locations on Maui.  Use the search feature at the top of this page to search the best prices from all of these top brands you can rent from.

The cost to rent a car varies on a number of factors. Things like the time of year, length of the rental, and type of vehicle play a big part in determining the price of your rental.  On the low end, we have seen prices using a promo code or coupon starting at $19 per day before taxes and fees.  During peak season like Christmas or Thanksgiving, car rental prices soar to $50+ per day.

Also, be sure to bring a credit card  (not debit cards) or be prepared to pay a hefty deposit.  If you only have a debit card, be prepared to pay up to several thousand dollars in deposits.

Economy or Compact class cars are almost always going to be the cheapest rental cars you can find at Maui airport.  Occasionally, there will be a promo code or coupon available for special pricing on a Jeep Wrangler or Mustang convertible, but those types of discounts are pretty rare.

This is really a personal choice and one that you will need to make for yourself.  If you plan to stay in one area, sitting on the beach all day and not do a lot of sightseeing then, in theory, you do not need to rent a car while visiting.  However, if you plan to do any amount of significant driving to new beaches or even the Road to Hana, then booking a rental car will be important and is highly recommended for most visitors to the island.

The car rental industry uses something called dynamic pricing, which means that prices from each company are changing constantly based on supply and demand.  Therefore, there is no “cheapest” car rental company in Kapalua, but you can always find the lowest prices when searching right here!  If you can’t find the price you want at the Kapalua location, return tomorrow and check again or one of the other locations.

Yes, Uber is available for booking in all of the major island cities.  There are also numerous taxi cabs in all of the major tourist destinations and competing services like Lyft.  The point is, if you had a few too many pina colada’s and need someone to give you a ride, you wont have a hard time finding one.

Insurance coverage varies based on the policy that you have and the car you rent.  The only way to check if your car insurance or credit card coverage will cover you when renting a car, you need to call and ask. Do not assume, as driving with out insurance is illegal and can be catastrophic to your financial well-being.  In some cases, your travel insurance may also have some coverage you can take advantage of so whether you are in the Virgin Islands or Hawaii, it’s best to call and confirm coverage before you arrive.